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Favelas in Brazil
24 January 2014
Miniscule, pigmented little rectangles and squares everywhere. A random collage or even a puzzle may be – whatever your mind perceives it... (read more)
22 December 2013
Christmas is coming and so is the New Year! With all the exciting festivities that's going on, there's one that you simply can't ignore on... (read more)

Music & Dance

Dance Ceroc!
08 January 2014
Wasting money on that gym membership which only seems to diminish your savings account balance every month? You’ve decided to turn to... (read more)
Social Network Dancing
24 November 2013
Have a flair for dancing? Want to share that fiery passion with others but don’t know where to go? Here at Vida De Latinos, we bring you... (read more)

Arts & Design

Maria Fernanda Lairet
02 February 2014
If you love the world of colours and lines roam freely outside the boundaries of literal art, you should be a fan of Maria Fernanda Lairet... (read more)
Tigua Art
27 December 2013
T-I-G-U-A. TIGUA.Not many people have heard of the word, even fewer know that it is in fact an art form that originated in Ecuador.... (read more)


Rom and the Whale
20 December 2013
As kids, we all loved a great story that will transport us to fantasy land each time we flip its page. Now in this era of mobile and... (read more)
10 Strange Animals from Latin America
03 November 2013
We set out to discover some of the not-so-well-known-species that are found in South America. If you’re lucky, you might even spot them... (read more)


7 Interesting New Year Latino Food Traditions
03 January 2014
It's 2014! A fresh start to a fresh life! And what better way to celebrate the new year than great-tasting food putting a smile to your... (read more)
Bizarre Latin Recipes
12 November 2013
We’ve all tried, tasted and tested the most common South American dishes – Tacos to Arepas, Guacamoles to Tamales. And we all have our... (read more)


Plaza de Mayo
14 January 2014
If you closely look at the structures and buildings that dot the landscape of Buenos Aires, you are sure to see their rich historical... (read more)
Huilo Huilo
11 December 2013
If the medieval forests of fantasy novels do exist, Huilo Huilo (pronounced as wee-lo wee-lo) is one enchanted nature reserve that is... (read more)

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